DJ Software & Karaoke Software: PCDJ DEX 3, DEX 3 RE, KARAOKI

DEX 3 - Pro Edition

(DJ/VJ/KJ Software)
Normally Price: $179 $149

Extra 10% Off Price:$134.10

PCDJ DEX 3 is professional DJ Software for MAC and Windows that allows you to seamlessly mix music, music videos and host karaoke shows. More Detail…

DEX 3 RE - Red Edition

(DJ Software)
Normally Price: $79

Deal Price:$29.00

DEX 3 RE has been designed so that it’s easier to navigate than other DJ software applications. A less cluttered interface and just the key features More Detail…


(Karaoke Software)
Normally Price: $99

Extra 10% Off Price:$89.10

PCDJ KARAOKI is karaoke show hosting software designed for professional KJs. Karaoki includes an on-deck singer list with singer history, key control, More Detail…

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DEX 3 - Pro Edition

DEX 3 RE - Red Edition​

FAQ About PCDJ Products

PCDJ DEX 3 is a Pro Edition. It is a professional DJ software for Mac and Windows that allows you to seamlessly mix music, music videos, and host karaoke programs. DEX 3 gives you complete control over your media, giving you more creative freedom than ever when mixing. Using our automatic beat mixing based on a beat grid, you can easily mix tracks, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the mix.

Since DEX 3 provides no delay playback, loop, hot cue and all playback functions have super fast response. Use DEX 3 with a keyboard or mouse, or use one of more than 100 supported DJ controllers for tactile manual control. Therefore, download DEX 3, import your tunes, and stimulate your imagination-DEX 3 is a complete DJ mixing software solution.

Free Download PCDJ DEX 3

DEX 3 RE (Red Edition) for Windows or MAC is a versatile DJ software designed for all types of DJs. The software includes a powerful library that allows you to quickly and easily import, mix and search all MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV, MP3+G and unprotected iTunes files. DEX 3 RE’s customized, industry-leading sound engine ensures that your mix is output with the highest possible quality.

Features such as fully automatic automatic mixing, one-key beat synchronization, and instant mixing buttons for fast cross-fade and playback, all of which are packaged in a modern and easy-to-use interface; you have a DJ software solution, Any performance can be performed in any environment. Reduce screen clutter and the right feature set to make your work as easy as possible. Focus on your customers, not your DJ software!

Free Download PCDJ DEX 3 RE

DEX 3 LE (Limited Edition) is Free DJ Software for MAC and Windows that enables anyone to seamlessly mix music with ease and precision. DEX 3 LE is designed using the same technologies found in the full-version of DEX 3, including the beat-grid based automatic beat mixing engine and custom effects.

Since DEX 3 LE offers zero-latency playback; loops, hot cues, and all playback features are ultra-responsive. Mix with DEX 3 using just a keyboard or mouse, or test out one of the 75+ supported DJ controllers for 10 minute intervals (Get complete use of your DJ controller with the full-version of DEX 3).

Now With Pulselocker Streaming Subscription Support – get in-app access to 44+ Million Songs!

Be the DJ with DEX 3 LE.

2 DJ decks with professional grade mixer and playlists

Fully manual or automatic mixing (one-click beat-matching)

Various Effects

Robust file browser

Store and recall hot cues and loops

Seamless intelligent looping

Automatic grid-based BPM detection with batch processing

Vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play, and brake

Headphone cueing and monitoring

Support for over 75 DJ Controllers (only work for 10 minutes with LE version)

Automatic detection of arrival/removal of MIDI controllers

Advanced auto-mixing and shuffle play

Perceptual automatic gain (automatic volume control)

Automix on Elapsed Time Option (IE: Fade to next track every 3 minutes)

Key-Lock (Master Tempo)

ASIO/CoreAudio low-latency

Browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer, database, and iTunes library import support

Load the whole song in RAM for instant access

Pulselocker streaming support

DEX 3 LE reads mp3, m4a, aac, wav, aiff, ogg, flac and more!(Non DRM)

Professional level DJ software, only completely free of charge. Mix with DEX 3 LE using your own music or iTunes library, or use the optional Pulselocker subscription service for in-app access to 44+ million songs. (two pricing tiers).

DEX 3 LE uses the same technology found in the full version of DEX 3, including waveform and custom beat-sync engine, key lock, hot cues and loops, effects and more.

Free Download PCDJ DEX 3 LE

PCDJ KARAOKI for Windows is professional karaoke software designed for KJs and karaoke venues. Karaoki includes an advanced automatic singer rotation list with singer history, key control, news ticker, next singers screen, a song book exporter and printer, a jukebox background music player and many other features designed so you can host karaoke shows faster and easier!
Our karaoke software supports MP3+G, WAV+G, most zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats and various video files. Enhance and manage your karaoke shows with ease using this simple yet powerful karaoke software player that sets new standards in karaoke show hosting.

Free Download PCDJ KARAOKI

Our best DJ software solution for mixing all media formats is the all-new DEX 3. DEX 3 makes it easy to mix music, music videos and host karaoke – combining all popular forms of DJ performance into one streamlined interface. Since you only want your audience to view the mixed music video output, or the karaoke lyrics, and not DEX 3 itself — you need to configure your MAC or Windows display for “Extended Display Mode”. Extended display mode allows you to send the mixed video/karaoke lyrics output only to a second display or projector, while you’re able to perform with DEX 3 on your on display, The audience won’t see that, only the full screen video or lyrics.

Yes. PCDJ DEX 3 LE is a Free Edition. The free trial is fully functional with the exception of having to restart the software every 30 minutes.

PCDJ RED DJ Software also assists in the classification of audio tracks. In addition to creating playlists, the application also offers a tempo counter. This software can be optimized by installing plug-ins in VRM format.

PCDJ is one of the companies that revolutionized the world of digital DJing, because they were one of the pioneers when it came to creating software that was exclusively dedicated to mixing live music, leaving behind everything that had been done up until then, and in the process the broke all the bases of the DJing world.

No, there is no free full version, but you can download the free trial version of DEX 3 LE. is an affiliated partner of, all of pcdj’s trademarks, logos, web pages, screen shots, or other pcdj distinctive features are protected by applicable trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws.